The Florida Minimum Wage: Good for Workers, Good for the Economy

This report explains the impact of the minimum wage in Florida, including which groups and industries benefit, the impact on employment, and how Florida compares with other states. Some key findings:

- The vast majority of minimum wage workers are adults working full time – only 10% of minimum wage workers are teenagers, and only 10% work less than 20 hours per week. One out of three are parents.

- A full-time minimum wage worker in Florida earns only 82% of the poverty line for a family of three.

- When the state minimum wage was implemented in 2005 there was no evidence of a negative impact on overall employment or in the most heavily impacted industries, retail trade and accomodation and food services.

- Minimum wage workers are largely concentrated in a few industries: 47% are employed in retail trade, accomodation and food services.

- The majority of minimum wage workers are women, and nearly half are people of color.