The State of Working Florida 2012

This year’s State of Working Florida highlights how slow job creation has created growing inequalities in wages and among groups.  The Great Recession ended in 2009 but Florida continues to do worse than other states, especially those that have been able to boost manufacturing, which has in turn spurred growth.  This slow recovery has meant that many workers are working less hours and for less pay than they did in 2010.  Additionally Florida’s typical worker is taking home about $1,000 less on average today than in 2010.  This is explained in part by the industries that are growing in Florida and the types of jobs they create.  Retail Trade and Tourism, two of Florida’s largest industries, employ 25% of our workers, mainly at low-wage jobs.

Since other states have been able to recover faster than Florida, we ask the question, “Recovery for whom?” and point to the growing inequalities in wages for the top 20% and the lowest 20%.  It is our sincere wish that this report serves to help Florida’s leaders better focus on informed policy-making that will spur growth and broadly shared prosperity.

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