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Florida Worse Off than Other States In the Recovery

Florida Worse Off than Other States In the Recovery
Wages declined $1000 for the typical worker in 2011
MIAMI – Florida’s economic recovery is slower and more uneven compared with other states, according to the latest State of Working Florida report to be released  on Labor Day by the Research Institute on Social [...]

Florida jobs deficit still near 1 million

Two years after the official end of the recession, Florida still has a jobs deficit of nearly 981,000 jobs, and some groups of workers are faring far worse than others in the economy, according to the annual State of Working Florida report to be released on Sunday by the Research Institute on Social and Economic [...]

Unemployment benefits put $9 billion into Florida’s economy

RISEP’s new analysis of Florida’s unemployment compensation system, co-released by Florida New Majority and the National Employment Law Project, shows that unemployment benefits are a key stimulus to Florida’s economy, putting over $9 billion into the state’s economy since the start of the recession. But Florida ranks low among states on key measures of how well benefits reach [...]

In South Florida, wage theft at all levels

Miami Herald
By Nirvi Shah
November 16, 2010
A new report shows that wage theft in Miami-Dade and Palm Beach counties occurs not only in low-wage industries but also in professional and higher salary jobs, including those in the legal profession, at architecture and accounting firms, public and private schools and in medical fields.

The report entitled Wage Theft [...]

FIU Study Sheds Light on Affordable Housing Crisis

MIAMI (CBS4) – When mobile home park owners sell or close a park, more than half of its residents have nowhere else to go and could potentially end up homeless, according to a study released by Florida International University Thursday… (read more)

Study: Healthcare union positively impacts patient care, working conditions, civic engagement

With healthcare at the forefront of the largest U.S. policy debate in two decades, researchers from the Research Institute on Social and Economic Policy at Florida International University were given unprecedented access to more than four hundred frontline healthcare workers to determine what impact the union is having on the healthcare industry, the workers’ jobs [...]

Congresswoman Ileana Ros- Lehtinen presents report on Women’s Econcomic Security in Greater Miami

Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen presented the Portrait of Women’s Economic Security in Greater Miami to the House floor on July 14.

Media alert: Florida Workers Hard Hit by Job Losses State should stimulate affordable housing construction, health care, and education to get economy back on track

MIAMI – On June 3, Florida International University’s Research Institute on Social and Economic Policy released its latest report on the state of the economy for Florida’s workers, Securing Florida’s Future: Job loss in the recession and job creation for a sustainable economy. The report examines the industries and demographic groups affected by job loss [...]

Media alert: Unionization benefits Florida service sector workers with 9.5% higher wages

Media alert: Affordable housing market still tight: 25% of renters still spending at least 50% of income on housing